Sunday, June 26, 2011

Will Summer Make Us Forget?

Just a question I have been comtemplating - will the passage of summer make us forget about the problems inherent in college football and the NCAA? It seems that in the past, when strikes have occurred in professional sports, we soon forget and are back paying top dollar to see these teams and athletes compete. We forget how upset or angry we were during the strike and are soon immersed again in the entertainment of sport. Part of it probably for enjoyment and another part to numb out from the daily grind of life. But my sense is the same thing may happen with college football. And I am a huge colllege football fan, working with some of the Ohio State teams and coaches and also being an alumnus of Notre Dame. I do feel that college football and NCAA have far more benefits than costs, but I hope we learn and adhere to necessary changes. We do have to keep college football in perspective - all of us! I remember a minister telling me one time that if you want to make changes in the church, simply do not put money in the collection plate. In the same way, we have to be aware that every time we put money toward college football - whether tickets or jerseys - we are supporting the sport - good and not so good. Thus, if we really want changes to be made, then we need to stand out and back our beliefs with actions, not just words. And even though only a minority inside and outside of college football programs are breaking rules, we all have a responsibility. We need to not treat these individual coaches and players as demi-gods from young ages, hold them accountable to rules, and enforce consequences when necessary and appropriate. These are the true values of college football - the majority of these young ment are done with football after college and enter our worlds - where integrity and accountability matter. Let's enjoy college football, but let's also keep important lessons in mind.

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